Dyslexia Resources

Scroll down for our list of my favourite dyslexia resources, charities and organisations who are making a difference to the lives of young people and adults who are dyslexic.


The Parenting Dyslexia Facebook Support Group

Parenting Dyslexia is a support for families that are experiencing dyslexia whether it is a child or parent. John Hicks is a parenting coach that works with families to build confidence and self esteem as well as help parents find the resources they need to support their children through education

The British Dyslexia Association

The BDA is the voice of dyslexic people. We aim to influence government and other institutions to promote a dyslexia friendly society, that enables dyslexic people of all ages to reach their full potential.

The BDA promotes early identification of specific learning difficulties (SpLD) and support in schools to ensure opportunity to learn for dyslexic learners.

Dyslexia Tuition and Assessment in the North West - Dyslexic Stars

Sarah Guest is the chair of the Chester PATOSS Group and is an accredited assessor for Dyslexia.  she sometimes writes on this blog so she is well worth a mention here in this resources page!

Dyslexia Assist

My good friend Valerie Shaikly runs the Dyslexia Assist website which supports parents too.  Her work to collate useful information for parents of dyslexic children is exemplary and is a valuable resource.  She has been a real supporter of my work and I am very pleased to include her website in our resources section.

I can't recommend this enough to you!

Dyslexia Tuition in the Peak District  with Georgina Smith

A long term collaborator with The Studying With Dyslexia Blog, Georgina Smith is a Leek based dyslexia tutor and assessor who has written her own multi sensory programme to support language and literacy.
Georgina is also the co organiser of The SEN Jigsaw Conference which happens every year.

Aspire To Inspire Dyslexia

If you are London based and looking for support with aspects associated with having dyslexia then you would not go far wrong in getting in touch with Lizzie Kwarteng-Amaning.
Dyslexic and a trained teacher, Lizzie has a passion for helping dyslexics back into work.
Watch out for their regular workshops and training sessions all based around dyslexia in sunny Battersea.

Dyslexia Unwrapped

Check out this wonderful resource from Dyslexia Scotland which is specifically for young people.
Even if you are not in Scotland I am sure that this website will be useful to you.

SEND Group

Arran Smith regularly presents webinars about special educational needs with some of the most well-known experts in this field.
Definitely worth checking out the schedule and listening in.

Positive Dyslexia

Positive Dyslexia was set up in 2016 in order to raise awareness of dyslexia and co-occuring difficulties and support the needs of both Adults and Children. Positive Dyslexia can also help employers, schools and parents.

Positive Dyslexia is lead by Katrina Cochrane who has spent nearly 25 years in education and this is her 20th year as a a Dyslexia Specialist.

Positive Dyslexia can provide dyslexia support across the UK.

Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity

A great source or resources and dyslexia courses all focused around dyslexia.

RNIB Bookshare

The RNIB Bookshare is an awesome resource for students struggling to read textbooks for whatever reason.  Schools can apply, for free, to join the service and electronic versions of curriculum-based textbooks can be downloaded and read out using a PC.  
This blog particularly recommends using SprintPlus software to read out PDF books.

Lorna Woolley - Educational Advisor

Lorna is an independent educational advisor helping parents to find high quality independent educational settings for their children's additional needs.
Approachable and with a wealth of knowledge that comes from working in education Lorna is a great person to check in with if you need to find the right specialist college for your child.