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How much do your friends and family know about dyslexia?  Do you find that their lack of knowledge leads to assumptions about how someone with dyslexia lives especially when studying?

I am really pleased that we are in Dyslexia Awareness Week again for 2017.

Why am I pleased?

As someone who talks to a lot of parents about dyslexia, it seems to be really common that if a child is found to have dyslexia, many parents do not know much about it.  I have heard of parents going into some kind of 'mourning' as they feel that their child is no longer 'OK' , some parents are simply not sure what dyslexia means and are often under the wrong impression about that.
Many people are unsure of the positives that come from being dyslexic in areas of creativity and people skills.

As a parent who supported their child when dyslexia was first suspected, I know that I was unclear of what the next steps were and who to talk to and it was only because of charities such as Dyslexia Action and The British Dyslexia Association that I was able to get signposts on where to go next.

When I followed those signposts, got the assessment done for my daughter, this enabled resources to be unlocked which has not only helped her through her studies and into an undergraduate course but feel empowered to live her life with purpose.

It is for these reasons that I support Dyslexia Awareness Week.

It is also for these reasons that I believe in sharing information on this blog, my Parenting Dyslexia Blog and also through a conference that I organise with my good friend, Georgina Smith.

Announcing The SEN Jigsaw Conference 2018

The SEN Jigsaw Conference seeks to provide answers to questions about special educational needs and explores not only dyslexia but other SEN conditions too.

So I am delighted to announce the date of our next SEN Jigsaw Conference which is on the 21st April 2018 in Stoke at a new venue, The Bridge Centre.

Libby Hill - Speech & Language Therapist.
As part of Dyslexia Awareness Week we are making available early bird discounted tickets for this week only and I would personally like to invite you to this conference if you are a parent of a child with SEN, a SENCO, or any other teaching professional.
I am thrilled to announce that our plenary speakers are booked and they are Speech & Language Therapist, Libby Hill

Sally Goddard Blythe - Institute Of Neurophysical Psychology.
who will be talking about language and behaviour and Sally Goddard Blythe from The Institute Of Neurophysical Psychology.

What myself and Georgina love about this conference is that with our current format, our delegates get to listen to both of our plenary talkers and then they get a choice from six afternoon workshops that are perhaps more specific to what they would like to learn about.  The SEN Jigsaw Conference is now in it's third year of running and we have seen an increase in numbers attending which is great. It tells us that we are doing the right thing in getting people together to share ideas and information.

We will be announcing the workshops for this event shortly.

Added to this we also have an exhibition of companies and charities that work within the field of SEN and this is a great opportunity to find out about the latest resources available to you.
Myself and Georgina specifically select who takes part in the exhibition so that the information on show complements what the speakers and workshops are talking about.

If this sounds good to you and you would like to join us then please do take advantage of our early bird ticket which is only available this week whilst Dyslexia Awareness Week is happening.  To do this simple click the orange button below and this will take you directly to our EventBrite page where you can find out more and book your tickets.

On behalf of Georgina and myself we both hope that you can join us on the 21st April at the SEN Jigsaw Conference.

Eventbrite - The SEN Jigsaw Conference 2018

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