Creative writing with dyslexia and the ideas behind my book.

Having just released a book (Little Asha’s Journey) We at BeeCreative wanted to share its themes and ideas as well as the process of writing as a dyslexic.  The themes cater around isolation and fear of fitting in. We placed the characters in a fantasy world that in their eyes is the norm. A child even surrounded by magic can still feel alone and suffer with self-doubt. This is true in our world. A child can be from a fantastic upbringing and have all that they want, but can still feel alone especially if they suffer from a conditions like dyslexia, that can lead to feeling like you are slower than your peers or aren’t as intelligent as everyone else. 

With our book, Little Asha’s Journey, we wanted to look at this in a fun, imaginative and playful way. We have a pet that seems to be the girls only friend, we have loving parents and we have a journey that this girl goes on to find her curiosity and longing for learning. This book is intended to be a trilogy that will explore themes and concepts that are close to home with anyone who might have felt like they just can’t fit in.

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Writing with dyslexia was always going to be challenge but it doesn’t need to be insurmountable and something we can steer away from. Being severely dyslexia but loving writing and having studied it as part of my degree. I found, like most people with dyslexia, I struggled with syntax and grammar. But through the support of those around me, like my editor partner and friend Carley, I found I could finish the book and be really happy with it.  Asking for help was the hardest thing and can be the hardest thing for sharing our imaginative work with others, as sometimes it seems like all you will achieve by seeking help is emotional distress, embarrassment or failure.  

But that’s not true!

You don’t have to struggle alone. You can seek help and not be embarrassed because we all need help with different things. As a dyslexic person we know our minds are often full of imaginative ideas that others will need at some point and then we can help them. We tackle these issues in our book and it’s a great metaphor for the process of writing a book as a dyslexic. The intent behind the book is to entertain but also to show that we can surpass are own expectations and self-doubt even with apparent limitations. I personally wanted to share this with you in the hope that if, there’s something you want to do albeit writing or another activity but feel like you can’t because of dyslexia. It doesn’t have to feel like it holds you back because our minds work differently not worse, you can seek the help and the guidance that you deserve.

You can achieve your goals.

Stevie Williams
The BeeCreative Theatre Company

Little Asha's Journey can be published and downloaded from - Click here.