Explaining Dyslexia: A book review of Dyslexia Explained.

I have found a delightful resource that is useful in explaining what dyslexia is and the challenges associated with having it.

It is a book called Dyslexia Explained by Mike Jones with beautiful illustrations from Leah Hemming.

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What is lovely about this book is that it is extremely visual (great for dyslexic readers) and is a short read (even better) covering the following topics:

  • Understanding Dyslexia.
  • Types of dyslexia.
  • What people with dyslexia are good at.
  • Dyslexia Difficulties.
  • Helpful Strategies.
  • What works best for dyslexia?

As you can see this book is branded by Nessy Learning and it does include references to their learning products which are well known and have been proven to be useful for many children, but what I think I love about this resource is that the value whilst maybe serving as a marketing tool for Nessy, is in fact in the information that they share with us as parents or teachers.  It is written by a dyslexic for parents and children alike to understand more about dyslexia and gives useful tips on helping with the condition.

I was thrilled to take a look at this and my favourite part was about 'Dyslexia Warning Signs'.  It gives us as parents or teachers a sense of what to do next in terms of a getting a diagnosis and providing support for a young learner.

If you would like to get a copy of this book then you can download the e-book version by clicking here or if (like me) you would prefer to get your hands on the hard copy book version then you can order that from Nessy direct by clicking here.