Dyslexic Student Finds Way To Excel.

Eric LeBrasseur, is a normal preteen boy.  He attends middle school in Alexandria, MN in the US. He excels at Maths, has a great memory and plays tennis and football.  Eric also has Dyslexia.

Eric and family - Photo by the Duluth News Tribune
Meet Eric (middle) pictured with Mum, Lori and sisters Kate and Tara with proud dad, James
Despite being a clever lad, Eric fell behind with reading and writing with which he struggled.

When parents, Lori and James hired a tutor to support Eric it soon became clear that there was more going on than simply getting behind with reading and writing.
Eric then got an assessment and his Dyslexia was confirmed.

Eric then received tutoring with the Orton Gillingham principles for which there are many resources available.  Click here for a link to some Orton Gillingham based books on Amazon.

Eric's tutor, Sue Flynn, said this about Eric "Eric is an amazing young guy who has a high self esteem and is proud of being dyslexic. He has grown so much and has a bright future!"
When asked about his favourite subject at school, Eric says that it is reading!  What a nice surprise!

Well done Eric!

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