Growing Superheroes - Resource coming soon.

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I have been delivering some talks about our roles as parents in supporting our dyslexic children and their self-esteem.  This is a crucially important topic and one that I would like to explore in detail.

This will be released in a short e-book form by email only and so if you would like to get a copy of this and my other resources then can I invite you to click here to subscribe to my Parenting Dyslexia mailing list and you will get a copy when it is released.  In the meantime I have a number of resources that I will send you that will help too.

A part of being successful in supporting our young dyslexic thinkers is also being up to date on special educational needs in general.  A good way to get this knowledge is to attend meetings and conferences.

Next month I will be co-organising the SEN Jigsaw Conference which is in it's third year.  It consists of two morning plenary talks and a choice of workshops that have been designed to provide inspiration and information to parents and educational professionals.
It is an informal event that will be great for updating your knowledge and for networking with others who are all there to explore the puzzles that is SEN.

The full lineup is below and if you click on it then you be taken to the EventBrite booking page where you can book yourself a ticket on the current discount promotion.

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