How does my child's dyslexia affect me?

As parents, I am sure that you would agree that we want the best for our kids in life.

When we have a child with dyslexia or any other Special Educational Need (SEN), we will sense how hard it can be for our children as they develop through our education system.  We will want to do everything that we can to help our children face those challenges and be successful but that can be tricky for us as parents.

With dyslexia often being hereditary but often undiagnosed in parents we can find that our child's experiences at school can often remind us of our own experiences at school especially if they were emotionally painful ones.  For some parents, they will find that they are unable to engage with their child's dyslexia no matter how much they will want to.  For others, their interactions with school professionals will be skewed by past emotional experiences without them even knowing it, but they have a very real effect on how negotiations for support pan out.

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