Accessible Text Practise - Making text easier to read.

As a blogger you will imagine that I am writing and editing text all the time.  Over the past few years of my time working in dyslexia, I have seen lots of suggestions for new fonts that are designed to make it easier for someone with dyslexia to read.

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I don't have any expertise to offer on this subject, but the wonderful Load2Learn Project (a great collaboration between Dyslexia Action and the RNIB) does and they have a wonderful video on YouTube called Accessible Text Practise which gives good advice on what you can do now with tools to hand to write text for dyslexics are clearer to read.

I think that this is something that teachers could be reminded of as they provide text materials for their class.  At the end of the day, if it can benefit someone with dyslexia, it would probably benefit everyone.

Enjoy the screencast below;