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In November 2015, I made the decision to start The Studying With Dyslexia Blog.  As a father of a dyslexic daughter and someone who cares deeply about the development of young people, it seemed like a good idea to start a blog that provided inspiration and information to the supporters of dyslexic learners.

To do this I regularly invite guest writers to submit articles from across the whole SEN 'universe' so
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that I am able to provide you with a broad spectrum of articles that could be useful to you as you support a young dyslexic learner.

Since November we have had more than 20,000 views and I have been blown away by your support in reading this blog.

In the UK alone, it is estimated that there are about 6.5 million people that are dyslexic.  Recent UK Government figures state that about 1.5m children have a special educational need.

For me, it feels like there is so much more work to do and I really want to reach as many 'supporters' as possible.

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Government figures on SEN published January 2016
So I have one simple request, if you read any of the articles on The Studying With Dyslexia Blog and you feel that it has been worth the read, please, please share it to your friends by email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or whatever social network you use.  That way more people might be able to benefit from the information and inspiration that is regularly provided for you.

Thank you for reading this article and for being a part of the Studying With Dyslexia Blog journey!

John Hicks
The Studying With Dyslexia Blog

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