Dyslexia Action's Guide For Choosing A Tablet - 2015 Christmas Shopping Guide.

Christmas is coming...

I was pleased to find this article on the Dyslexia Action Website providing their 2015 Christmas Shopping Guide for choosing a tablet.


This year, we will focus on tablets. Not much new has happened in the world of e-readers, and our previous guides are still accurate. Some e-readers have had new versions but nothing that would require an upgrade.
In 2013, the one big difference between e-readers and tablets was price. E-readers were generally quite a bit cheaper. In 2014, that was less so and in 2015, there is no difference in price between tablets and e-readers as a whole.
Of course, you may also consider buying a phone which can do all the things a tablet can do but on a smaller screen. See our post on cheap phones but even cheap phones are more expensive than tablets.


Choosing Tablets

Why buy a tablet

The tablet is the perfect device for learning, productivity and entertainment. For some people, it may even replace a computer.