Freeing the mind and removing the barriers to SEND using ICT.

On Thursday 7th July, the inaugural meeting of The SEN Jigsaw Conference will take place in Leek Staffordshire.  This week we spotlight another speaker, Libby Hill.

The SEN Jigsaw Conference Agenda
The SEN Jigsaw Conference Agenda
As we get closer...

I will share some of the abstracts from the speakers of this currently sold out meeting and give you the link to be able to contact them if you would like to know more and can't make the SEN Jigsaw Conference.  All information will be shared on Twitter too using the hash tag - #SENJigsawConf.  If you are a Twitter user please do check in with our feed and comment etc.
John Hicks

Today's spotlight is on John Hicks. 

John is the father of a dyslexic daughter, a career coach to young people and an assistive technology marketeer. Based in Cambridge, UK, John believes that everyone has opportunities for development and is passionate about using technology to support young people with disabilities.  John currently manages The Studying With Dyslexia Blog and works closely with the assistive tech company Jabbla who have developed the literacy software SprintPlus that helps to build confidence and productivity for dyslexic writers.

See below for the abstract for John's talk;

'Freeing the mind and removing the barriers to SEND using ICT'

With the UK Government putting increased stress on pupils in schools to perform better with literacy, there seems to be an unhealthy focus on the accuracy of the written word versus developing creativity.  For a pupil with dyslexia this is a huge challenge to developing confidence, creativity and productivity whilst pursuing higher marks. 
John will outline a strategy that schools can use to help pupils get creative ideas out of their heads and onto paper, without worrying about the accuracy of spelling and grammar, and then to independently use those ideas to produce good quality written work, using ICT.

John can be contacted by email by clicking here.