Dyslexia - The Facts

Much of the problem in schools today with supporting children and young people with Dyslexia is the lack of understanding by their teachers about the impact on learning that Dyslexia has.  Equally there is a lack of understanding of how widespread this particular condition is across the population.

Dyslexia Action have collated a whole list of facts that I hope that you will find interesting.

Dyslexia Action providing support to people with specific learning difficulties.

Some examples are ...

  • With one in 10[i] of the population estimated to have dyslexia, more than 6.3 million[ii]  in the UK potentially have dyslexia.
  • 1 in 10 children [iii]  do not reach the expected national Level 4 in reading by the time they finish primary school (National Curriculum KS2)
  • Pupils with SEN without statements are around ten times[vii] more likely to receive a permanent exclusion than pupils with no SEN; compared to pupils with a statement of SEN who are around six times more likely to receive a permanent exclusion.