Going to Uni? Finding the dyslexia resources to support you.

This blog will be useful to you if you are dyslexic or showing signs of dyslexia and are going to be studying for a degree in September.

I hear lots of stories of children and young people going through primary and secondary education only to find in later years that they have been struggling with the effects of dyslexia within the school system.  In some schools, supporting resources have been either unavailable or simply minimalistic.

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Find out what Dyslexia tutors think of SprintPlus available on the DSA.

Then if they have been able to get the grades for university, all of a sudden there is a wide range of resources available.  There are assessments, and then Student Finance England will pay for technology to support the student that has dyslexia or any ability.  The finding available also includes training and in some cases the resource to hire staff to provide support to the student.

This is great news for students with any disability and definitely good if you are a student with dyslexia.

This scheme is called the Disabled Students Allowance and all universities should have information on how to access this service.  If you find that this is not the case then there is a handy website from which you can get all the information that you need.  Click on the icon below to take a look at the DSA Quality Assurance Group website.

Click here to go to the DSA-QAG website
Click here to access the DSA QAG website.
What are your experiences of applying to the DSA for support?  Please share with us your comments below.