Dyslexia Hero June 2018

I am really pleased to be able to shine a spotlight on another dyslexia hero!

Remember that my Dyslexia Heroes posts are not necessarily about really famous or successful dyslexics, it can be a student who has shown commitment to getting beyond their dyslexic challenges, it could be a parent who has been really supportive of their child.  It could be a teacher who despite the challenges of the education system has simply been wonderful in helping their dyslexic students thrive.

In today's post, I am shining a spotlight on an entrepreneur Will Wheeler who is based in Brisbane Australia.  I particularly like Will's story because like many dyslexics he struggled with self-esteem and thought that he would not be achieving a lot in life.
Thankfully he didn't believe that 'lie' and was able to change his mindset and turn things around.  We won't all be successful entrepreneurs, but there is a lesson in Will's story about not giving up and believing in yourself.

Let us take a look at how he answered my Dyslexia Hero questions.

What are the positive effects of dyslexia on your life?

The best thing about being dyslexic is that I feel I have an advantage over everyone else as I think differently and I am fantastic at problem-solving. I am also very creative and find I can work well with others.

What strategies do you use to help with studying with dyslexia?

Whenever I have been studying I have always needed to find ways to focus on what I am doing and I have always found that if I study something that is of interest to me, I learn a lot better.
I find that learning via video helps, as I can stop and start it until I have a good understanding of what is required for certain tasks.
With any assignments, I always get someone to look over them to identify any spelling or grammar
Technology that helps with learning.
My reading has definitely improved these days but I sometimes use Grammarly or other forms of technology to help with certain words.

How are you helping others with dyslexia?

When I look at many famous business people I find that they have achieved so many great things and they contribute it to being dyslexic, which I can totally relate to.
That why I want to help others with dyslexia build their mindset and leadership skills to go on to do amazing things like all these famous dyslexic people before us. 

I believe having dyslexia is a gift, not a difficulty and with the right support and tools, we can be whatever we want to be.

Note from the Editor!

Will now works with people in the workplace and one of his blog articles is truly inspiring as he focuses on adults finding their own learning style in order to be successful. 

Find out more by clicking here.