Study Guides For Dyslexics

Study Guides For Dyslexics

As you know I am a sucker for free resources that can help support dyslexic learners.  As I come across content on the internet I am keen to share useful or inspiring information.

Today I came across a website called Being Dyslexic (  I was looking for a list of study guides and this website totally delivers!

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The study guides listed on this site cover a number of topics and I hope that you will find something in them that is useful.

The guides are as follows;

1) Getting organised as a dyslexic student.
2) Time management.
3) Essay writing tips for dyslexics
4) Essay Checklist
5) Exam tips for Dyslexics
6) Reading Difficult Books
7) Note Taking Tips
8) Presenting and presentations.

Are the above useful to you?  Would you like more resources like these?  Just let me know by leaving a comment.