SEN Jigsaw - Understanding Dyslexia and overlapping difficulties.

On Thursday 7th July, the inaugural meeting of The SEN Jigsaw Conference will take place in Leek Staffordshire.  This week we spotlight another speaker, Libby Hill.

The SEN Jigsaw Conference Agenda
The SEN Jigsaw Conference Agenda
As we get closer...

I will share some of the abstracts from the speakers of this currently sold out meeting and give you the link to be able to contact them if you would like to know more and can't make the SEN Jigsaw Conference.  All information will be shared on Twitter too using the hash tag - #SENJigsawConf.  If you are a Twitter user please do check in with our feed and comment etc.

Today's spotlight is on Georgina Smith.

Georgina Smith is the owner of Leek Dyslexia and literacySupport and has been providing dyslexia assessments and private tuition to Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire for over a decade. 

The practice works on the principles of using synthetic phonics delivered in a multi-sensory way.  Georgina believes in providing opportunities for over learning and practicing each sound in various formats.
Georgina Smith - Leek Dyslexia & Literacy Support

Georgina considers every student learns at their own pace and style.  Each student has their own barriers to learning which need to be unlocked and supported appropriately.  The practice works with students from primary school age to post-16 with those in education or employment.
Over years of experience Georgina has identified  many of her students have had a number of overlapping learning difficulties which required support and as a result endeavoured to learn more about auditory processing disorders, visual processing, dyspraxia, sensory processing difficulties and speech and language difficulties.  She has built a network of professionals to whom she is able to refer into to help identify and support students’ difficulties.

Georgina is now celebrating the first year of the launch of her dyslexia programme Code Breakers and is excited about the opportunity to work with SprintPlus text to speech software.

See below for the abstract for Georgina's talk;

'Understanding Dyslexia and overlapping difficulties.'

At SEN Jigsaw Georgina will aim to inform you about some of the overlapping difficulties and demonstrate the launch of the collaboration between Code Breakers and Sprintplus’ very unique programme for dyslexia support.