Building Confidence With Dyslexic Students - Guide To Assistive Technology

We all know that having Dyslexia can cause students to lose confidence and self-esteem without the most appropriate level of support.
Sometimes, whilst support from friends, parents and tutors is helpful, often what a dyslexic student wants is the chance to be able to study independently, producing coursework on their own with the option to ask for help WHEN they want it and NOT before.

A great way to build confidence with dyslexic students is to help them become more independent through the use of assistive technology that helps them to produce work at a level that is equivalent to their peers.

The term 'Assistive Technology' refers to any technology that has been developed to help a person do a particular task, or live in a certain way.

In terms of supporting dyslexic students there is a wealth of assistive technology software that can boost one's ability to study independently and produce quality work for the teacher.

This blog post is the first of a number that will take a look at different types of assistive technology that can be used in school to help students study.

One thing to note, is that all the technology that I will talk about, whilst used a lot by students with Dyslexia, is something that anyone can use to enhance their work.  If schools chose to make assistive technology available to all students then no one would be singled out for 'being special'.

Over the next few posts this week I am going to look at the following types of technology that could be used and where I can give you pointers for free resources available.

Areas of technology I will look at are as follows;

Software for reading and writing.

If there is an area of assistive technology that I have not mentioned but you would like me to investigate and write about then please do let me know and I will happily write more about this subject.

Along the way please do comment on my posts about your experiences with assistive technology and the difference it makes to students with Dyslexia.