What's wrong with me? Allowing ourselves to accept our dyslexia and be brilliant.

This week, I have found a video which is an excerpt from the popular US series, Glee.

I chose this video because it illustrates what it is like for someone with Dyslexia (any other special educational need) who is undiagnosed and tries to cope not knowing that there is help out there that can help them to unleash their potential.

To be at school, college, working as hard as you can to keep up, only to find that your academic achievements do not reflect the amount of effort put in, can have such a negative impact on how we

A 'leg up' with literacy!
feel about ourselves.  We worry about what people think about us, WE worry about what we think about us.  We can feel that there is a secret part of us that we might be ashamed to reveal for fear of ridicule or for that matter whatever change in relationships might occur.

My hope is that if you are a supporter of someone who may be dyslexic, perhaps struggling at school or college, then this might be worth a watch.

In this video the 'punchline' is very much about dyslexics being people who think differently and not people that are stupid.  Lets help more young people to get help so that they can find a way to show why they are all brilliant!