How a dyslexic learner's brain works.

Here in the UK , education is under pressure.  The funding systems for schools are changing as they increasingly become academies, they are judged by their performance and in turn each and every pupil seems to have every educational facet of their lives measured.

The schools are under pressure to streamline the education success.
For a child or student that does not have some kind of special education need, they have the best chances of coping within this type of educational system.  For a learner living with dyslexia to cope, they will often need support but before support is given , they will need understanding and whilst SENCOs (special education needs coordinators) are trained to support dyslexic learners, most teachers at best are novices and this can add to the pressure and make the difference between success or failure in getting through our education system.

I don't have an answer for this situation in this article, but I do want to share a video with you that I found yesterday which gives a really good illustration on how a person with dyslexia thinks differently from those without dyslexia.

I would recommend that you show it to as many teachers as possible as this will help to raise awareness, build understanding and help to put supportive measures in place that can make all our dyslexic learners successful within education.

For reference, I have put together a list of dyslexia support resources in a visual format on my Pinterest page which could be useful.  I add to this weekly so please keep checking.

Just click on the picture below;

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