SENJigsawConf - Understanding Sensory Processing In The Classroom.

On Thursday 7th July, the inaugural meeting of The SEN Jigsaw Conference will take place in Leek Staffordshire.

The SEN Jigsaw Conference Agenda
As we get closer...

I will share some of the abstracts from the speakers of this currently sold out meeting and give you the link to be able to contact them if you would like to know more and can't make the SEN Jigsaw Conference.  All information will be shared on Twitter too using the hash tag - #SENJigsawConf.  If you are a Twitter user please do check in with our feed and comment etc.

Today's spotlight is on Alison Hart.
Alison Hart Occupational Therapist

Alison is the founder and company director of Children’s Choice Therapy Service Ltd – a group of specialist Occupational Therapists working within special and mainstream schools, with healthcare, charities, individuals and within the specialist OT and Sensory Integration centre on the Staffordshire /  Derbyshire border.  Alison Hart is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of Derby.

See below for the abstract for her talk;

‘Understanding Sensory Processing in the classroom’ is an introduction to help us understand what the senses are, how they need to work together, and the kinds of difficulties our children and young people face.  The session is interactive and will start to give ideas of how we can overcome these difficulties to enable learning, impact behaviours and improve engagement in everyday activities.   

Alison can be contacted via her website by clicking here.