What is the psychological impact of Dyslexia?

An aspect that I am very interested in professionally is the psychological development of children.  We know that at a very young age, children develop conclusions about the world around them, their worth and their need to protect themselves.  When they become adults they often find that conclusions that they made about experiences at a young age are often applied to completely different circumstances resulting in self defeating beliefs affecting confidence and performance at school, college and work.  These beliefs also affect relationships too.

So this got me thinking about how a young person feels about themselves when struggling with dyslexia and how so often when they receive help it is often aimed at helping them to overcome dyslexia and there is very little help for them in terms of their psychological health stemming from bullying, issues of diminished self worth etc.

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This blog post isn't going to give any answers apart from to say that there is a need to make available counselling services to help our young people at vulnerable ages that are perhaps available at the same time as supporting their SpLD needs.  This would provide a wholesome approach to their personal development.

What are your thoughts?  Are there services available?  Please do let me know.

One article that I found on this was by the late Bob Burden, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Exeter.  Click here to access his article, called, The Emotional Effects of Dyslexia on the SEN Magazine website.